Bringing "CARE" Home

Direct Care Carrier


Mrs. G's Services, LLC was faced with the quandry of how to provide homecare service to patients throughout Westchester County, where public transportation is not always readily available. To confront this issue, we developed a driving program where the aides would be driven to and​​ from the patient's homes to provide service.Direct Care Carrier was established as a limited liability company to be the private-market solution to providing personal care in difficult to serve locations. Direct Care Carrier, LLC is a transformative service that provides homecare agencies the confidence to expand their service territory into the suburban and ​rural markets.Direct Care Carrier, LLC is licensed by the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission, allowing it to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services to clients with medical appointments, out-patient hospital visits, clinical appointments or daily adult daycare visits. 

Service Area


 Service Territory:

* Westchester County, NY

* Rockland County, NY - (Coming Soon)

* Putnam County, NY - (Coming Soon)

* Nassau County, NY - (Coming Soon)