We expect an exceptional level of care and service from our staff. In return,​ we provide a greater level of compensation and benefits for all of our employees. Mrs. G’s Services, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Each homecare worker employed by Mrs. G’s Services, LLC must meet the following requirements (including but not limited to): 

  • Certification 
  • Background Check 
  • Reference Check 
  • Competency Tests 
  • Language requirements (as specified by the client) 


In-Service Training


 All Mrs. G’s Services, LLC personal care staff are required to meet In-Services and continuing education requirements as mandated by the New York State Department of Health. In-Service trainings re health weekly. All staff personnel, training, and health records are tracked to ensure personal care staff are in compliance with State requirements.


Below you will find links to important documents such as 

  •  Employee Handbook 
  •  Sexual Harassment policy
  •  Harassment complaint form

Employee Handbook



 Mrs. G’s Services, LLC has partnered with Home-Med Learning Center, LLC to source qualified candidates for employment as homecare service providers.  

Our partners


  Home-med Learning Center

Home-Med Learning Center, LLC is an open admission, non-credit bearing vocational school whose allied health programs are designed to provide state-approved curriculum requirements for certificate of completion; and in compliance with all regulatory requirements related to a school 

Home-Med Learning Center, LLC’s mission is to prepare competent, vocational allied health students that are knowledgeable, that possess of a caring attitude, and are able to provide care for clients in a variety of settings. Home-Med Learning Center, LLC is committed to the preparation of individuals who will safely and effectively fill entry-level position. Graduates will be prepared to collaborate with other health care professionals in using their skills, knowledge, and understanding in providing safe, quality health care. 

 Website:  https://home-medlearningcenter.com/